Shocking Facts about Cockroaches in Toronto

Cockroaches (roaches) have been with us for a very long time. Historically, roaches are 300 to 350 millions year old creatures. They have survived for this long because of their ability to live among toxic substances. Unfortunately, in Toronto, these pests are not ordinary invaders in your home or business place. No matter how hard you try to kill cockroaches in Toronto, these pests keep coming back. The best solution remains for you to hire a pest control service in Toronto instead of getting rid of these insects yourself.

Why Is Roach Infestation Not a Good Sign for You?

Cockroaches can scare ladies as they do not appreciate them at all. But, apart from scaring women in Toronto, these pests are a threat to you and your family. In addition, they can create serious health issues for the people in your home who have asthma. Hence, getting these pesky pests out of your place is best for you to protect your home and family. Here are six facts you should know about cockroaches.

Fact No. 1: The Like to Get Touched

Roaches are thigmotropic, so they prefer feeling a solid contact with their bodies. However, it does not mean if you touch them, they will become your friend. In fact, they prefer living in confined spaces, such as cracks and holes in walls. Thus, they are hard to spot for homeowners or business owners on their property in Toronto.

Fact No 2: They Can Survive for a Week without a Head

Yes, these pests are scary and can cause you problems. Roaches without a head can last up to 7 days. Why is this so? These pests have an open circulatory system, helping them breathe through the tiny holes in their body segments. The reason they die in a week is that they cannot drink water without their heads.

Fact No 3: They Can Survive without a Meal for a Month

The best way to remain defensive against pests is to clean your home timely and store your food items securely. Yet, roaches can survive for a month without any meal. Thus, they can wait for the time when a property owner leaves the food out by mistake. As natural scavengers, cockroaches in Toronto will survive by eating anything, including glue, grease, soap, and even leather.

Fact No 4: Drowning Them Is Not Helpful

Even if you have removed their heads, keep them away from an available food source; drowning them will not help. Roaches can hold up their breath for up to forty minutes. So, submerging them for half an hour in water will only make them wet.

Fact No 5: They Consume Human Finger Nails and Eyebrows

What do you think about a roach on your body when you are in deep sleep? Roaches like consuming human fingernails and eyebrows when they are asleep. Reports have also documented that roaches consume children’s hair when they are asleep.

Fact No. 6 Natural Born Runners

Roaches have the fastest reflexes among home-invading pests. They can sense the threat because of their rapid nervous system and run up to 1 meter per second. They can change directions 25 times per second, equivalent to the human running a 100-meter sprint in one second. Thus, catching them on your own is not easy on your Toronto property.


Cockroaches in Toronto are a headache for homeowners and business owners. The ideal solution to deal with a cockroach infestation is a pest control service. Here are the six interesting and shocking facts about roaches, summarized below:

  1. Roaches are thigmotropic
  2. Roaches can survive for a week without heads.
  3. Roaches can survive for a month without any meal.
  4. Drowning roaches is not helpful.
  5. Roaches consume our fingernails and eyebrows when we are asleep.
  6. Lastly, roaches are naturally born sprinters.

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