Pondering Coquitlam Cell Phone Repair in 2021 to Fix Water-Damage

Cell phone drops are usually mishaps, and people have been dropping cell phones in the previous years. It gives cell phone users an annoying feeling once their cell phones suffer liquid damage. Have you again dropped your cell phone in water in 2021 in Coquitlam? Do not worry! You can restore your cell phone back to life in a few steps before pondering cell phone repair in Coquitlam. However, our step-by-step guide will not help you revive every liquid water-damage cell phone. Still, you can abide by our instructions to bring your phone in a working condition again. Without further ado, let us jump to the instructions:-

Instruction #1: Turn Off Your Phone Instantly

Water conducts electricity; therefore,  a wet electric circuit of your cell phone can cause serious problems for you in Coquitlam. If you turn off your phone immediately after a water damage incidence, your chances to prevent any major damage increase. Besides, an active wet circuit is at more risk than an inactive one.

Instruction #2: Wash Your Phone Using a Damp Cloth

What do we mean by washing your phone using a damp cloth? Will it make your cell phone wet again? Yes, it will make your phone wet again, but it is a safe option for you. Saltwater is corrosive and can damage your phone if you do not get rid of it. Mostly, smartphones nowadays can handle damp cloth without creating any problems for phone users. Once you have washed your liquid-damaged phone, dry it out.

Instruction #3: Take Out the Removable Parts of Your Phone

If possible, ensure you remove the removable parts of your cell phone. For instance, take out your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card and micro-SD (Secure Digital) at first. Also, if you have a cell phone in Coquitlam with a removable battery, take it out, too.  When you do this, keep a few precautions in your mind. For example, do not tap or shake your cell phone to prevent the water from moving around inside it. If you do not handle the water-damage issue with care, you will need to ponder cell phone repair in Coquitlam.

Instruction #4: Dry Your Cell Phone Irremovable Parts Using a Soft Towel:-

If you have a soft towel available in your home, dry irremovable parts of your cell phone. You may use a paper towel or cloth, but ensure you use a gentle and lint-free one. Remember the following don’ts when following this step:

  1. Do not insert your towel inside the phone’s charging port.
  2. Do not insert any objects inside the port, like cotton swabs.
  3. Do not press your phone’s keys or buttons.
  4. Again, don’t shake or tap your cell phone.
  5. Do not charge your cell phone.
  6. Do not use a fan to blow air on your phone.
  7. Do not dry your cell phone with a heat source, such as a hairdryer.

Instruction #5: Put Your Phone Alone Now:-

After following the preceding instructions, you have to leave your phone for a specific duration to dry.

Instruction #6: Wait for 24 to 48 Hours to Switch On Your Water Damage Device Again

We recommend you: Wait for at least a day or two at most before you switch on your phone again in Coquitlam.

Instruction #7: Monitor Your Device for a Few Days

If you are lucky enough, you will see your cell phone working fine again. You may experience a few issues after drying your water-damaged cell phone. In the latter case, keep an eye on your phone for the next few days while doing different tasks using it. If your cell phone does not function normally, consider repairing your device.


You don’t need to ponder cell phone repair in Coquitlam if you have dropped your phone in water in 2021. You can follow our step-by-step instructions above and try restoring your phone. However, our guide will not work for every cell phone. If, even after following our guide, you fail to restore your phone, consider opting for a phone repair service.

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