Ways to Make Your House Stay Clean Longer

It is a reality that today lives in a time in which there is not always time to have a perfectly clean and tidy home, especially when the housewife must combine work with family care.

However, it is no way to keep the house clean longer, the secret is teamwork (including children), besides trying to maintain order in each of the spaces, where each family member will be responsible for what is used and dirty, and you will see how the tasks are lightened.

Following this premise, obvious but not always easy to meet, to carry out an effective and lasting cleaning requires two previous projects. Besides if you are looking for industrial contract cleaning services then take a look at their site to discover more about it:

  • A plan of action. Whatever your lifestyle, you must determine the time you spend cleaning (what will not stop otherwise), establishing the basic tasks and days will realize this task thoroughly.
  • Having the right products and utensils for each surface and work. Wood, glass, tiles, etc., each material requires specific treatment to guarantee their good condition and will stay clean for more days.

Lasting cleaning

The furniture in general. A layer of dust on the furniture in the room gives the impression of neglect and filth. Attempts to delay its appearance ventilate the room before cleaning and vacuuming a few minutes later so that you have removed the dust and may have fallen on the floor again not invade furniture.

It also uses a specific cleaning product containing dust repellent and hinders its accumulation. An effective trick to disappear stains glasses or plates is to rub the furniture with a cork; the marks will be history in a few minutes.

Crystals and mirrors. They are difficult to clean and dirty easily. To keep them perfect for longer, try adding a little vinegar in the water you use and ends to dry them with newspaper, you’ll see how to shine for days.

Paintings and ornaments. Something as simple as a feather duster is perfect to eliminate one movement powder boxes and other objects that may decorate the walls element. As for the decorative figurines, never missing and are quite cumbersome to clean, you can dip them in warm water with a little dish soap for a few minutes, wipe them carefully, and will look flawless for weeks.

Tiles. These basics in the kitchen and bathroom often get dirty easily. Test bright longer leave using a mixture of water, ammonia, and alcohol (in equal proportions). With a cloth soaked in this solution, you shall leave them as mirrors almost effortlessly.

The toilet and sink. Always use products containing descaling to prevent stains that disfigure bathroom furniture. To remove these yellow marks in the toilet and keys, add a tablespoon of baking soda in the rinse water, will remain as new for a long.

Bedrooms. More than cleaning, the problem of these areas is usually the order. A closet with specific compartments for each type of clothing, shoes, bags, etc., will help the rooms is simpler to fix. Do not hesitate to buy boxes, drawers, or cloth bags to keep everything in place and save hours of work.

Interior doors. A dirty door with finger marks detracts from any attempt to keep the house in good condition. For a longer clean time, prepare a soap solution timber, dry them carefully and then apply some polish product that allows you, if appear a new spot, to clean it with a simple cloth.

Kitchen. It is generally more difficult to maintain the “presentable” for the problem of the fat that invades everything in place. But if you follow these tips you will see how hard clean longer.

  • When cooking use the same container for all waste (a plate, the disposable tray on which are some foods, etc.), which gather all in a moment.
  • Clean the burners of the stove as possible, it allowed it to cool but do not give time for the fat from sticking.
  • kitchen napkins are a good ally, essential to catch any spilled liquid before it spills out all over the kitchen. Keep these instructions handy.
  • Spend a damp cloth with a few drops of dish soap for the work area (indoor and closest to the fire tiles). It takes a few seconds and gets it appears that “has nothing happened.”

Valuable tips

    1. Try to clean as passes for each place: when you make the bed sweep the chamber; when you’re done eating immediately wash the dishes, and so on. This prevents an accumulation of work. Moreover, it is easier to spend daily 10 minutes working a full day each week.
    2. Place curtains in the windows. Curtains, believe it or not, prevent the dust from the street. It is worth investing some money to install a good set of curtains.
    3. Leave shoes at the entrance. Shoes are a focus of dirt that comes directly from the street. A shoemaker at the entrance prevents dust from coming from outside. Also, if you have a pet, be sure to wipe the legs when you get before you feel on a sofa or bed.
    4. Do not accumulate unnecessary objects. Although you really like that lamp you saw in the store, you think about whether you really need it, because once you enter your house you’ll have to dust it off every week. In these cases, it is best to apply the rule of 48 hours, if after those two days still think you need it, buy it.
    5. Be tidy the house, when you move something leave it in one place to save time when you search again need or when placing order.

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