5 Car Technologies that Changed the Way We Drive

Sometimes, an improvement to the automotive industry is merely a slight upgrade to the speed, the power, or the aesthetics of the vehicle. On the other hand, sometimes, an invention of a new gadget or the implementation of old technology in the automotive industry can revolutionize the field. It doesn’t only change the way in which these cars are manufactured, it changes the way in which we drive as well. With that in mind and without further ado, here are five car technologies that changed the way we drive, as well as one or two that might do so in the future.

GPS navigation

In the pre-GPS navigation era, one had to rely on maps, intuition, road signs, and instructions by locals. Neither of these three is as reliable and driver-friendly as you may assume them to be. Maps can be unfolded but they can’t inform you of work in progress. Moreover, you would have to stop for a minute to examine it or just go by memory. On the other hand, GPS navigation is usually voice-assisted, which means that you don’t even have to look away from the road. Needless to say, this has made driving out into the unknown a lot less frightening experience. According to the best online casino nz site, GPS is the best innovation in the automotive field.

Parking sensors

To expert drivers and those who are just naturally gifted for car parking, this may not seem like that big of a deal. Still, for all the rest, this simple tech upgrade is something that has completely revolutionized urban commute and even made it available. Instead of having to rely on intuition, experience, and special orientation, parking sensors give one a simplified way to know when they’re coming too close to another object. Simple, elegant, and efficient are the three words that best describe this technology.

Car radio

While the invention of the car radio may seem like something too simple to put on this list, just try to imagine what a road trip was like before the first car radio was installed. Not a pleasant thought, right? The reason why the radio is such an ideal device for the car is due to the fact that it only partially ties your sense of hearing while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. This is the maximum distraction you can take and stay safe, yet, it can make even some of the most unbearable routes incredibly fun. As for the above-discussed road trip, a reliable car audio system can make all the difference in the overall experience like the best big win casino.

Dashboard camera

In Russia, there’s a saying that it’s better to get into a car without pants than to do so without a dashboard camera. First of all, some scenarios lead to an accident that can’t be proven later on. One of such scenarios is the question of whether the person in front of you using an indicator or not. Therefore, having a dashboard camera helps out immensely. Other than providing legal protection, this footage can also be used in editing later on, in order to create some mementos of your trip.


Lastly, autopilot and the concept of self-driving cars may still be in the prototype stage, yet, they’re advancing at an unprecedented pace. While this technology may still not be at its pinnacle, some hope that this tool will minimize the toll of car accidents caused by human error. How this will impact how we drive, as of today, we can only speculate.

As you can see, these five simple inventions have made cars simpler and more fun to drive, while they also made them somewhat safer and more reliable. With all the latest tech trends, such as windshield AR interface, it’s easy to assume that things might get revolutionized even further in the future. Sure, progress is always disputed by skeptics, yet, when you take just these five simple improvements into consideration, nothing seems impossible.

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