What Is SCADA and Why Should You Use It?

Data is the bread and butter of any business and operation. It tells a business what is working well, what is not, whether customers are happy, what items sell the most, specific costs of an operation, and much more.

With this data, business owners and leaders can address issues, improve areas of weakness, and build on areas of strength. However, in order to do any of this, there has to be a means through which data is collected, processed, and monitored.

Supervisory control and data acquisition – or SCADA, for short – is one such way for this to happen. It is used in conjunction with PLC systems, which are connected to the input and output devices. They pick up on the information concerning the operation of those devices.

The PLC systems then send this information to the SCADA system, which monitors, processes, and sends that information to the necessary people.

Grocery stores often use a SCADA system for various situations. For example, there are sensors that monitor whether cooler doors have been closed. If a sensor notes that a door is not closed, the PLC system sends an alert to the SCADA system. An employee can then close that cooler door before the food is spoiled.

Factories also implement PLC and SCADA systems. At times, a machine in a factory may not be operating correctly and could be producing erroneous products.

In such a case, the PLC system would collect this information and send it to the SCADA system. The machine operator or maintenance team would then receive an alert and be able to stop the machine. This provides the opportunity to address the issue quickly, minimizing waste and operating costs.

Factories and grocery stores are not the only places that utilize SCADA. In fact, you’ll find these systems in food and beverage, energy, transportation, oil and gas, recycling, water, and other industries.

How to Implement SCADA

A SCADA integrator is a specialist who can help you put SCADA to work for your company. They can help you implement the PLC systems you need, integrate SCADA, and teach you how to use it all for maximum efficiency.

All businesses want to find ways to improve operations, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. Through the use of SCADA, these goals and many more can be achieved. Consider reaching out to a SCADA integrator for help in learning and implementing how to leverage SCADA’s capabilities for your business.

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