What Is Parkerizing

Parkerizing is a type of Parkerized finish. Parkerizing is the process by which a metal surface, typically steel, is coated with manganese phosphate to protect it from corrosion and other damage. The Parkering process provides an abundant passive film that offers very little resistance to corrosion or abrasion but does not compromise the strength characteristics of the substrate. Parkerizing is typically used to protect firearms.

Parkerizing was invented in an effort to reduce corrosion while lubricating the surface of parts. Parkerizing leaves a dark gray to a greenish-gray matte finish that can be scuffed up if desired for other color effects, Parkerizing is not paint nor will it flake off, Parkerized surfaces are very lubricious and rust-resistant. Parkerizing can be used on other metals such as aluminum, but the rate of protection is much slower. Parkerizing also prevents galling or welding along with providing a grippy surface that allows less force to cause slippage due to the high coefficient of friction.

Parkerizing is a form of passivation and not an applied coating. Parkerizing does not affect electrical conductivity, provide lubricity, or prevent the galling of threaded parts. Parkerized steel provides some corrosion protection in salt spray testing environments ranging from 16 to 28 days depending on test conditions and substrates tested. Parkerizing is an environmentally friendly process that leaves a thin passive film on the metal Parkerization does not block nor interfere with the normal oiling of a part, in fact, Parkerizing allows oils and greases to work better. Parkerizing also leaves a lubricious surface for decreased friction between parts and provides greater corrosion protection than bare metal.

Parkerizing is a type of Parkerized finish. Parkerizing involves immersion of the parts to be treated into one or more baths containing an acidic solution, typically phosphoric acid.  Parkerizing can also be performed using salts, such as zinc chloride or manganese sulfate, to create coating. After treatment, the parts are rinsed and neutralized. The Parkerizing process can be applied as a single stage or multiple stage procedure. Parkerizing is completed in 5 to 10 minutes and requires no baking time, however, the Parkerizing components must be removed within 96 hours of treatment due to the phosphorus content creating an exothermic reaction with iron and steel substrates, which may lead to hydrogen embrittlement.

Parkerizing can be used on firearm parts, including receivers, bolts, triggers, slides, barrels, and other related components. Parkerized finishes are also found on knives and tools and Parkerized surfaces provide less friction than other finishes. Parkerizing is used by the military for weapons and equipment, Parkerizing can also be applied to bicycle frames and parts as well as automotive components Parkerizing was invented in order to increase the lubricity of metal; Parkerization provides an abundant passive film that offers very little resistance to corrosion or abrasion, Parkerizing is most commonly used on firearms.

There are many metal coating shops that can assist you with parkerizing services. Most powder or metal coating shops offer parkerizing as one of their services.

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