What Aluminum Extrusions Are Used For

An aluminum extrusion is a generic term applied to any metal or alloy product formed by forcing an unmelted metallic slug under pressure through a die of the desired cross-sectional shape. Aluminum extrusion is a cold-forming technique of forcing hot molten metal through a shaped die. This is done without the help of gravity, so it requires significant pressure to be applied on top of the material being forced into form. As it passes through an aluminum die, the metal moves through several different stages.

Extrusions are commonly used in the construction of homes, cars, appliances, and in many other commercial and industrial uses. Read more about the uses of aluminum extrusions and Minitec Profile Systems:

●     Structural Framing – With the use of structural extrusions like Minitech, Minitec, or Minitex, buildings can be designed to match your budget and needs.

●     Decorative Framing – Decorative aluminum extrusions are used in some homes for fencing, shutters, patio covers, and more.

●     Conveyor Systems – Aluminum alloy is an excellent material for belts, rollers, and other components of conveyor systems.

●     Building Systems – Aluminum is often used in building materials like roofing, gutters, siding, trim, railing, and exterior cladding due to its lightweight properties.

●     Exhibit Displays – Aluminum extrusions are used in various display systems including trade shows, exhibits, and retail.

●     Work Tables – Aluminum profiles such as Minitech and Minitec extrusions are used to make table frames, work tables, and workbenches.

●     Safety Fencing –  Aluminum is often specified for safety fencing because of its strength, durability, and low cost.

●     Machinery Guards – Minitec and Minitech aluminum extrusions are made with strong properties that make them an excellent choice for machinery guards.

Minitech Inc. is a team of expert professionals working together to provide quality aluminum extrusions for our customers worldwide. We offer high-quality aluminum parts with precise dimensions at competitive prices to suit your needs whatever they may be. Call us today to discuss your project!

Minitech is the industry’s most trusted aluminum extrusions provider with an extensive range of quality, price, and service nationally and internationally. Our national network of authorized distributors help serve our customers with speed and precision in their local areas. Minitec Inc is a customer-oriented company that has been in the industry for over 20 years.

The Minitec Extrusion manufacturing facility services civil, industrial storage tank & silo markets worldwide with quality products that are competitively priced. It is one of the most respected names in the industry with a vast inventory of standard sheets, coils & tubing.

The various types of aluminum extrusions include:

– Aluminum Sheet (Square Edge)

– Aluminum Plate or Angle Stock

– Aluminum Coil or Round Tube

– Extruded Sections for Bridges & Water Tanks

Minitec manufactures aluminum extrusions for construction, manufacturing, automotive and other transportation, water tank & storage tanks. Minitec also provides custom extrusion services. Minitech extruded aluminum products are available in a variety of alloys and finishes.

Your Minitec Profile System can be designed and customized to fit your needs. If you need help, speak to a design consultant that can consult with you and help you design the system that you need. The Minitec Profile Systems comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors and a design consultant can inform you of all of your options.

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