Top 5 Trending Technologies of 2021

Change is inevitable, and it is the only constant. Hence our professional life is also changing with time. As technology is also changing rapidly, we need to up-skill ourselves to progress in this highly evolving professional field. The casino industry has witnessed a significant change as people prefer to play through reputed au online casinos.

Here we shall discuss the top 5 Trending Technologies to focus on that will attract a huge market in 2021.

  1. Internet of Behaviours (IoB)

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) mainly focuses on the collection and use of data to drive behaviors. The objective of IoB is to attempt to analyze the data collected from users’ online activity from the perspective of behavioral psychology. After collecting data, it addresses how to understand the data and how to apply that knowledge to create and promote new products or influence people to follow government protocols at work.

  1. Tactile Virtual Reality

In current times virtual reality’s” ability to design artificial worlds has progressed significantly. Fourth, new technology could create artificial worlds that look even more realistic by simulating one of the most fundamental ways in which we experience various things by touching and feeling them.

Modern innovative technologies have offered us AR and VR. Virtual reality creates a simulated environment, whereas Augmented Reality provides an overlay of visual, auditory, and other sensory information onto the world to enhance one’s experience.

In upcoming times, a new lightweight, flexible, and wireless synthetic skin shall be introduced in virtual reality, a 15-centimeter-square patch. It can be stuck onto any part of the human body to simulate tactile sensations. And hopefully, this can create a sense of touch to virtual reality. Industry experts forecast that worldwide, AR-VR traffic will rise 12-fold by 2022 in various fields of entertainment.

  1. Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics has been one major important factor to improve the efficiency of any business or organization by making data-driven decisions. An increasing number of companies are adopting it to go further with the old data storage and processing methods.

Big Data Analytics effectively finds solutions to various challenges, for example, climate change, wildlife protection or disease prevention, and so on. It also gives data engineers an idea to design, plan, execute, and keep track of decision models and processes to improve business outcomes and behavior. It is expected, by 2023, at least 33% of large companies will opt for analysts practicing decision intelligence.

  1. Human Augmentation

Humans have always experimented with technology to improve life. This endeavor has resulted in the introduction of a new field of technology that is called Human Augmentation. Human Augmentation aims to take human intelligence to the next level by taking the help of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

For example, it is already helping people with physical disabilities with bionics and prosthetic augmentation and curing various diseases by modifying genes. Scientists and researchers expect with the use of Human Augmentation; they can end existing physical disabilities and also prevent injuries from occurring at all.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has already taken the world by storm. When it was first introduced in the market, no one imagined it would replace repetitive and heavy labor jobs and cost-effectively reduce workload. It offers scalability and reliability while ensuring a complete return on investments. This futuristic technology is now more focused on being structured to execute AI-oriented tasks with improved efficiency.

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