Are Eyelash Tinting Kits Safe? An Expert Explains

After reading eyelash tint kit reviews, one can’t help but be tempted about trying out Eyelash tinting kits!

In case you have heard about Eyelash Tinting kits, they are a beauty service that revolves around applying dyes to your eyelashes. Applying these dyes makes Eyelashes resort to a darker, longer, and more lean look.

While the experts suggest getting eyelash tinting to get done in Salons, some manufacturers give DIY eyelash tinting kits too. But, before you consider applying Eyelash tinting kits, you can’t help but wonder about some questions.

We have discussed some important things about Eyelash tinting kits that will allow you to determine whether they are a good option for you or not.

Benefits of Eyelash Tinting:

Let’s talk about the benefits of Eyelash tinting first.

A lot of people including us think that Eyelash tinting is an amazing service. In normal routines, having Tined eyelashes will help you achieve a makeup look without using Makeup products.

Very Similar to eyelash extensions, you will need to quickly bend your eyelashes with an eyelash curler in the morning. They require a lot less maintenance. However, if you want them to last a good long time, it would be a good idea to consult a specialist for touch-ups and maintenance.

With Eyelash tinting, you will be able to easily save fifteen minutes in your morning routines.

In short, you will able to achieve the mascara look with eyelash tinting without having to use Mascara.

Other than that, Eyebrow Tinting makes your eyebrows appear more bolder and realistic. It manages to do so as the actual hair of the eyebrow usually gets tinted to a darker color. Tinting them to a darker color removes the “Drawn On” look from the face.

With Eyelash tinting services, you will also be able to cut down the additional time you have to spend Touching up to make your makeup look perfect.

In short, if you are interested in having a bolder look or if you want a simplified makeup routine, we would suggest you go all the way and try out Eyelash tinting.

Concerns when it Comes to Eyelash Tinting:

There are some things that you must keep in mind before you roll the dice with Eyelash Tinting kits, however. As much as you may be tempted to try out Eyelash tinting, you might want to know that the results will depend on the length of your Natural Eyelashes.

If you have short examples, likely, tinting them is not going to make any difference in how long they look. If you are aiming to make your eyelashes appear bigger, then you might want to go with Eyelash extensions.

Other than that, it is also going to depend on how full your real eyelashes are. When you tint your eyelashes, only their color is going to change. They won’t help you attain a fuller set of Eyelashes.

In addition to the fact mentioned above, there are a lot of side effects and reactions that you might have to face if you go with Eyelash tinting kits. Having said that, it is always a good idea to run a patch test on your arms before you apply it to your face.

If there are allergic reactions, you will come to know about them. Moreover, since the skin around the eyes is sensitive, you must try the product out on your legs or arms.

Among many issues you might face using Eyelashing Tinting, common ones include irritation, burning, watery eyes, and swelling. Such side effects are likely to last throughout the application and might stay on there until a few days have passed.

Considering all that, you might also end up causing damage to your Natural Eyelashes.


We have mentioned all the disadvantages that there are when it comes to using Eyelash tinting kits.

It depends on you if you want to try or don’t try Eyelash tinting kits. Having said that, It would be a great idea if you did the math by weighing the pros and cons of using Eyelash Tinting Kits.

A word to the wise though. If you have allergic reactions or you have had a medical record of eye infections previously, then it would be a good idea to avoid getting your eyelashes tinted. If tinting doesn’t work out, then you can resort to alternatives such as eyelash extensions.

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