3 Things To Ask When Buying a House

Buying a house is often a good investment, but it is important to ask the right questions before going forward with the purchase. Investing in the wrong house can lead to hassles down the road, from issues with neighbors to trouble paying for maintenance. Here are three things to ask when buying a house.

1. How Old Is the House?

The age of the house is important for several reasons. Knowing when major appliances might need to be replaced is vital to planning your budget after purchasing a house. It is also important to know the age of the roof and foundation, in order to know when you should call roof or foundation support Syracuse NY to look at your house. Homes built before the 1970s in the United States may have the additional issue of lead paint on the walls, which you should be particularly cognizant of if you have small children.

2. How Much Are Utilities?

Utilities are another cost that you should consider when buying a house. Utility costs can greatly vary depending on the location, age, and size of the house. If possible, ask what the previous owners spent on gas and electricity each month on average. If that is not possible, your real estate agent could be able to give you an estimate of those costs.

3. Why Are Previous Owners Selling?

It is good to know why the previous owners are deciding to sell the house that you are considering purchasing. If it is something like relocating for a new job or family, that is less concerning than if it is due to something like higher crime in the neighborhood, noisy neighbors, or the house being prone to flooding. Knowing the answer to this could also potentially give you leverage in asking for a lower price on the house.

Consider asking these three questions before purchasing a house.

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