Why You Need Family

While your family may drive you crazy sometimes, there are plenty of reasons to cling to these people. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need family.


Many people struggle to find true happiness in this world. Some even claim they don’t know how to define happiness. However, there are plenty of people who have found their happiness. According to expert Michael Canzian, these people are in touch with their families. These people understand you in ways that others cannot and often make you laugh in the toughest times. The key to finding your happiness is to embrace your family.


When the world is trying to drag you down, you will need to find something to take comfort in. For most people, this is your home. Coming home can give you the sense of relief and relaxation that you need. That can be comforting in the most troubling times. However, the comfort is due to who you come home to, not where you live. Having people welcome you home and brighten your day is the comfort that most people crave.


Everyone has felt like they don’t belong at some point in their life. That said, your family can give you a sense of belonging. After all, these people can make you feel needed, showing you that you belong somewhere. Even on days when you feel vastly different from your family, you are still similar.

Just think, there has to be something you have in common with your family. Your parent and grandparents have probably gone through the same things in life as you. Your children and nieces and nephews are small versions of the people they are raised by. So remember those years of feeling like an outcast when you were a teenager in high school. Then, know that you belong to your family for good.


By now, you probably know what it feels like to feel completely safe like nothing can hurt you. While most people consider this in line with comfort, it is actually the feeling of safety. This is most often attributed to homes, which your family is the essence of. In other words, your family is the one making you feel safe and secure when you are at home.

Your family is a crucial part of your life. They can make you feel happy, safe, comforted, and more. Therefore, you must keep them close to you.

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