When Do You Have to Buy a Hookah Online?

Hookah smoking is becoming popular in Canada with time as people have become addicted to shisha. For the same reason, people of the legal smoking age buy hookah online from smoke shops. Shisha smoking is a traditional smoking method with its roots in Iran, South Asia, and the Middle East. In those countries, people used to smoke tobacco using hookah. Such a way to smoke tobacco has become nearly popular as cigarette smoking in Canada. Today, people smoke flavoured tobacco hookah to meet their desire to use this conventional smoking equipment and enjoy different flavours.

What is a Hookah?

In fact, a hookah (or a shisha) is a water pipe, having a smoke chamber, a bowl, a pipe, and a hose. Its hose utilizes charcoal to burn tobacco or herbal products. You can enjoy many flavours with hookah smoking to relish hookah smoking. You can smoke hookah with various flavours, such as vanilla, apple, mint, cherry, and more. Hookah smoking is as addictive to people as bubble gums or gummy bears. Thus, addiction to this kind of smoking is no surprise. Moreover, a shisha is easy to take care of and can last for many years. However, it does not mean you will never feel the need for a new hookah.

When Should You Consider Buying a New Hookah?

If your hookah has any of the following signs present, you should consider buying a new one:

  1. The Rust: A hookah can rust with time. Therefore, one of the main signs of considering the option to buy a new one is rust. You can presumably clean the rust, but it is a very long process. So, rust is not something you can ignore to consider buying a new one. If your hookah has significant amounts of rust, you have no option except to buy a new hookah. The rust can kill a hookah, so instead of trying to resurrect shisha, you should consider purchasing a new one. You must invest in a rust-free hookah and keep it clean all the time to prevent future rust.
  1. Flavour Ghosting: Flavour ghosting is possible with hookah smoking. You may sense it if you notice other flavours than your current flavour. In such a case, you have to buy hookah online and replace your current shisha. Flavour ghosting is normal to a certain limit. Still, you can get rid of this problem with proper cleaning of your hookah accessories. On the other hand, if you keep experiencing flavour ghosting after cleaning hookah, you have to buy a new one.
  1. Damaged Parts: Hookah operates through its parts. If one of its parts damages, it can spoil your hookah smoking experience. A clear sign you need to replace your hookah is its damage. Damage of any kind can trigger your sense to replace your beloved smoking equipment. A hookah in working order with minor damage does not mean you should overlook buying a new hookah. However, if the damage is apparent, you have to contemplate buying a new hookah. As a proud hookah smoker, you will want your shisha to look nice and undamaged.
  2. Old Hookah: If your hookah becomes old and meets your smoking requirement, it does not mean you shouldn’t buy a new one. You can consider such hookah as antique and keep it with you as a memory, but purchase a novel one. It means you should quit smoking your old hookah and keep it as an antique piece. Plus, you do not have to waste your time looking for the best shisha online in a smoke shop. As a suggestion, you can purchase one of the modern varieties available in an online headshop and revolutionize yourself.

How to Buy Your Hookah from an Online Smoke Shop?

With so many online sellers in Canada, it becomes hard to choose the right shop for buying hookah. However, the best smoke shop is convenient to identify if you consider the following things about a shop:

  1. Is the shop safe to buy hookah? See customer reviews about the shop to get your answer.
  2. Has the shop hookah varieties? If the shop has a variety, you can easily find your preferred hookah variety.
  3. Is the shop affordable and sells hookah accessories? If the shop is budget-friendly, you can visit it time after time to buy hookah or its accessories.


The hookah has a long life as a smoking instrument; still, this traditional smoking device may need replacement. You have to buy a hookah online if your hookah has any of the following four issues:

  1. It has rusted.
  2. You are having problems with its usage owing to flavour ghosting
  3. The hookah has damaged parts or noticeably damaged a bit.
  4. The hookah has become old.

Lastly, you have to buy your hookah from a reliable smokeshop online. So, choose a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable shop.

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