What’s a Digital Business Card and How Do I Get One?

The way we connect with people is evolving at a rapid pace.  Though that the highly infectious coronavirus accelerated this process, however an increasing reliance on technology to improve the way of connecting with our peers was eventually inevitable.

And as a result of the innovative technology, these digital business cards are introduced to people.

Digital business card happens to be a thing of the modern age. Enriching users with having premium connectivity options, the perks these digital business card has provided to business owners and young entrepreneurs are simply incredible!

With that being said, the guide we are providing below surely covers and everything that you might need to know about this digital business card.

Hence without any further ado, let’s take a deep dive and see what hidden perks this digital business card comes in handy with!

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card, or also referred to as the virtual and electronic card is the modern version of a paper business card and is used to exchange information with your potential leads over the web.

This virtual card or digital business card can easily be created on an iPhone, Ipad, Android, and even on the computer as well.

This digital business card happens to be much affordable than its paper counterparts.

Just like the old paper business card, this digital business card can be customized and designed according to the personnel preference of the user.

What counts to be the best part of these digital business cards is that one simply doesn’t need to visit their client personnel to share their information.

All you need to do is to ask your clientele about their email address, and you can simply send your electronic business card to their email, that too by being seated at the comfort of your home.

A Paper business card only allows users to input their contact details, their personnel name, and the name of the company they work for in the design. However, this isn’t the case with the digital business card.

One more profound advantage that a user might receive on a digital business card is that there is no limitation to the amount of data you are looking forward to adding to your business card.

In addition to that, digital business card offer users an unlimited amount of customization options.

One can easily make changes within his existing digital business card, without even feeling the need to design a new one for yourself.

The list doesn’t end here;

One can easily attach his personnel photo or the logo of the company to his digital business card.

Not only this, but you can also upload a video presentation of your company on your digital business card as well.

This way, you won’t have to meet and brief your client about the services you offer. Just send them your digital business card, and they would get to know your company themselves.

Last but not the least, this digital business card allow you to link your social media account to your virtual card.

The link that you would provide would hundred percent clickable. This means that once your client or your potential lead clicked on the link you have provided, they would be directed straight towards your social media platform!

Isn’t it great?

Coming in handy with countless features, this digital business card is surely the best and innovative technology that has ever been introduced to people!

Getting a business card of your own

Luckily, as technology has become so advance, getting your own business card doesn’t seem to be a troublesome task anymore.

Coming up and creating an appealing digital business card for own is simple and can be done within few minutes with ease.

All you need to do is to search for the best digital business card app on the web and install that app on your respective phone.

Once you have managed to get your hands on the digital business card app on your android or either apple device, then you are so ready to get yourself a visual business card,

Signup for that app. Once you get inside the app, you would be directed towards the window where their would-be custom-made templates, ready to be used for you.

You can go with those custom templates, or you can create a new one for yourself.

Once you are done with finalizing your digital business card’s theme and color, you might need to fill in your details like contact info, your name, your designation, the name of the company you work for, etc.

After that, you would be directed towards the window where you would need to choose the font for your digital business card. Choose the font that suits best your taste, and you would good to go!


Digital business card happens to be a thing of the modern era. Since the day they have been introduced to businessmen and young entrepreneurs, they have managed to create quite a fandom of their own.

For the perks and worth this digital business card comes in handy with, the practice of exchanging business information via paper card would eradicate from the face of the world sooner or later.

Hence, this article was written with the intention to educate you about each and everything that you might need to know about digital business cards.

Thus, we hope so that the information provided to you above would surely be fruitful for you. And we might have engaged you to get yourself a digital business card too.

Apart from being a source of exchanging information between two parties, digital business cards offer tons of other benefits as well.

And in order to discover those benefits, you need to explore this modern work of art yourself.

With that being said, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a digital business card now!

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